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AI JOURNAL – Autumn 2018

Paul Rees on why he can and does prepare ironmongery schedules "An ironmongery schedule developed at the outset assists to create a more user-friendly building. Had we left it to others we wouldn't have achieved what our client wanted" Getting the [...]

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How long will the project take?

How long will the project take (or when can I move in)? We are regularly asked by clients “how long will the project (or the works) take?”. The answer is not a simple or straight forward one, because every [...]

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AI JOURNAL – Summer 2018

I have spent most of my 20 year career working in both small and large multi-disciplinary architectural practices. As a Chartered Architect I’ve met a wide variety of people and gained invaluable experience from most of them. During this time, there have been significant changes, through social, political, financial, technological [...]

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