Terms & Conditions

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We outline the responsibilities of both parties, such as the Architect shall exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence when performing their services …., the Client shall give decisions and approvals for the performance of the services, etc..

Fees and Expenses

These will be scheduled for each project, as agreed at the time of appointment, including the basis of any variations and payment terms. 

Copyright and Licences

Harper Sperring owns all intellectual property rights including the copyright in the drawings, sketches, specifications and any other documents we generate in undertaking our activities. This remains not only throughout our involvement in the project, but beyond.

Payment of our fees does not entitle clients to assume they’ve bought the copyright. Similarly, they have not necessarily bought a licence to copy and use the design, drawings or documents.

While our preference is to be retained through all stages of a project, we appreciate there may be times this is not possible. We encourage clients to discuss this as soon as possible in the appointment process and when relevant, we are prepared to discuss assigning our copyright licences for a one-off fee payment.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

As Chartered Architects, Harper Sperring carry full professional indemnity insurance in accordance with the ARB’s code of practice. This is reviewed and renewed annually.

Our individual project terms and conditions will set out our liability along with the period and value that will apply, amongst any other conditions.

Suspension or Termination of our Appointment

Our relationships with our clients are for the majority of projects, extremely successful and we have enjoyed long relationships with a number of them, on many repeat projects. However, we acknowledge there may be times when a client may want to terminate their relationship with us for whatever reason. We will try to achieve this professionally and courteously, without obstacles or legal process where possible, ensuring all outstanding fee accounts are fully paid beforehand.

Our terms of appointment will set out the process by which this is undertaken. None of the above affects our client’s right to cancel.

Dispute Resolution

Harper Sperring aim to provide a professional standard of service and our projects are concluded successfully, without dispute of fees, building costs or construction issues. This said, there may be an occasion where a disagreement arises between parties. If this occurs, we will always attempt to resolve the matter amicably and as soon as possible to avoid any escalation or ill-feeling.

When this is not successful, we are committed to resolution by mediation or adjudication rather than by litigation. However, we are proud of our reputation where this has been minimized throughout our time in business, especially in an industry where disputes appear to occur and escalate all too readily.


We are proud of the work we undertake and the buildings we design for our Clients. Photographing them throughout construction and upon completion is an important part of what we do; it allows us to record the progress of our projects, whilst also keeping an updated portfolio and website. We therefore reserve the right to photograph our projects and publish them as necessary. Our Clients are usually happy to provide access for this to occur.

However, if this is not the case, we request clients inform us at the outset that they are not content for us to publish photographs.

What our Clients Say

“We have found Harper Sperring Chartered Architects to be efficient and prompt in the service they are providing to us. Harper Sperring’s attention to technical and legal detail has been invaluable enabling two successful planning applications. Harper Sperring monitor developments through our build project to a successful completion. We highly recommend Harper Sperring if you looking for a Chartered Architect work with you from planning to completion.”

Dudley Community Church

Paul Rees, Harper Sperring not only prides himself on working to extremely high standards, the GAI have worked with him for a number of years in both a supplier and client capacity, and, his attention to detail really is faultless. Paul puts a lot of thought and expertise into design and any issues or queries will offer various solutions of making the project work correctly from start up to completion. His knowledge gives us confidence and his service and delivery is exceptional, and, always within budget. We are proud to be associated with Harper Sperring.

GAI (Guild of Architectural Ironmongers)

Clients we have worked with…..